MN Bulk Whey Iso 2kg

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Product Introduction:

Elevate your lean mass activation with Bulk, your go-to protein powerhouse.

In the realm of proteins, not all are created equal—always opt for excellence. Marvelous Nutrition stands by Whey Protein Isolate, considering it the superior choice for our Superhuman Athletes.

Bulk Iso-Whey is a high biological value whey protein isolate that stands apart for being lactose-free, gluten-free, and devoid of aspartame. Offering a robust 26.34 grams of premium protein, it’s a pure ultra-filtered, grass-fed whey protein isolate. This ensures the absence of hormones and antibiotics, aligning with our commitment to your health. Whey protein isolate, rapidly absorbed, swiftly delivers its rich content of BCAAs to your muscles, enhancing growth and repair.

Rich in lactoferrin, a-Lactalbumin, BCAAs, and essential amino acids, Bulk ensures higher nitrogen retention and increased protein absorption, setting it apart from inferior proteins.

Tailored for athletes and bodybuilders of all kinds, Bulk Iso-Whey is designed to be incorporated into your regimen at any time of the day. Enjoy its marvelous taste and easy mixability, propelling your fitness goals to new heights. This is the ultimate protein choice, delivering maximum results for every dedicated athlete.

Product Benefits:

– High biological value whey protein
– Marvelous taste
– Zero fat, zero carbs, zero added sugars
– No artificial colors
– Gluten and aspartame-free

Science Behind the Formula:

Whey Protein Isolate reigns supreme, surpassing concentrates and blends in absorption efficiency. Our manufacturing process employs cross-flow microfiltration, enhancing product quality by eliminating unwanted impurities, excess fats, cholesterols, and lactose. This meticulous approach enhances the absorption and digestion of Bulk, ensuring you receive the highest quality protein your body craves.

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