MN Recharged GDA Formula 90 Caps

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Recharge is unique formula of Scientifically proven Ingredients that mimic Insulin, A high-end glucose disposal agent GDA made to help convert Carbohydrates intake to help build muscle instead of being stored as body fat, Insulin is a powerful hormone for both Muscle Building and fat loss.

Recharge is such a popular supplement because it can be used to build muscle and burn fat on same time. On a bulk it prevents fat gain and helps harness the anabolic effects of insulin for muscle growth. On a cut it increases fat loss and helps keep muscles full while on a low carb diet.

The Unique formula contributes to:

Product Benefit

– Using carbs for muscle absorption

– Improving Muscle insulin sensitivity

– Fight against high glucose consumption

– Increased Nitric Oxide production and Road map Pump


Science behing the formula
  • Berberine : This compound increases insulin sensitivity so that insulin can better do its job and drive more carbs and protein into the muscle , Berberine is a powerful activator of glucose repartitioning and is as effective as many pharmaceuticals that are used for diabetics
  • Cinnamon– This common spice has a dual action of acting as an insulin mimetic while also increasing insulin action
  • Alpha lipoic acid– It increases blood flow so that more nutrients are able to be delivered to the muscles
  • Banaba extract– An insulin mimetic, this leaf-derived extract acts like insulin and works synergistically with insulin in the body to dramatically increase nutrient delivery
  • Chromium- Chromium is a trace mineral that needs to be consumed in small amounts for optimal functioning. One of its purposes is to modulate blood glucose by activating insulin action.
  • Gymnema Sylvester: is an herb that has been used traditionally in India for centuries. Modern research has shown that this herb may help to support healthy glucose metabolism through its ability to promote healthy pancreatic function.* In addition, Gymnema exhibits potent free-radical scavenging properties.
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